un chaton qui ronronne quand on le caresse

Why does a cat purr?

cats purr for a variety of reasons, the main ones being: to communicate, to relax, to feel safe.


To communicate
To relax
To feel safe

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To communicate

Scientists think that the purring is a form of communication between cats and their owners. Cats can purr for express their satisfaction and satisfaction. Cats can also purr to feel secure and confident. Cats may purr to feel comfortable and to show affection to their owners.

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To relax

Cats can also purr to calm down and relax. Purring can help reduce stress and relieve pain. Purring can also help lower blood pressure and improve blood circulation. Purrs can also help reduce anxiety and to improve general well-being.



To feel safe

Purrs can also help cats feel more comfortable and secure when they are in an unfamiliar or stressful environment. But also purring can also help cats feel more comfortable and secure when around new people or animals.

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Conclusion why a cat purrs 

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