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Cardboard boxes: discover the 5 good reasons why your cat loves them

Cardboard boxes, a feline passion: Discover the 5 good reasons why your cat loves them!

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Cats are known for their unconditional love of cardboard. Whether it's a playful kitten or an adult cat in search of tranquility, the attraction of boxes to our pet felines is undeniable. But what makes cardboard boxes so irresistible to our furballs? In this article, we will explore in detail the five good reasons why your cat is so attracted to these cardboard packaging. From comfort to the natural hunting instinct, find out why boxes are a real paradise for our feline friends.

modular cat scratching post

Discover this magnificent playful cat scratching post made of recyclable cardboard

1. A safe and comfortable haven for your cat

The boxes provide a safe and comforting shelter for your cat. Whether it's a playful kitten or an adult cat looking for a moment of tranquility, the cardboard walls create an enclosed space where they can feel protected. Cats also like the soft texture of cardboard, which is nice for snuggling and resting.

Additionally, boxes are often associated with the arrival of new items or packages at home, which can create a familiar and reassuring smell for your cat. This reinforces their sense of security and familiarity.

2. A playground and exploration

Cats are inquisitive and adventurous creatures, and cartons provide the perfect playground and exploration ground to satisfy their natural curiosity. Your cat can jump, climb and sneak inside the box, which stimulates his hunting instinct and allows him to spend his energy.

The boxes can also be transformed into tunnels, creating multiple possibilities for games and hiding places for your feline companion. Add a few toys hanging inside the carton to stimulate their interest and make the experience even more entertaining.

scratching cat tree

Discover this beautiful cat tree in Scandinavian colors - the trendy model

3. A way to mark your territory

Cats have a strong need to mark their territory, and boxes quickly become landmarks for them. By scratching the walls of the cardboard, your cat deposits pheromones which allow him to feel at home and signal to other animals that he has already taken possession of this space. It's a way for them to reassure themselves and feel confident in their environment.

Don't forget to provide your cat with other scratching post alternatives, such as a sisal scratching post or a cat tree, to prevent them from only scratching the cardboard.

Woven bamboo cat basket

Check out this handwoven bamboo cat basket

4. A way to protect yourself from predators

Although our domestic cats do not need to defend themselves against real predators, they still retain their instinct to hide and protect themselves. The boxes offer them a refuge where they can withdraw in case of stress or feeling of insecurity.

When your cat feels threatened or anxious, she will instinctively seek out a safe place to hide. The boxes provide him with a temporary shelter where he can feel in control of his surroundings, thus promoting his emotional well-being.


5. A comfortable space for scratching

Cardboard boxes provide an ideal surface for your cat to scratch. The cardboard walls allow them to stretch and claw without damaging furniture or carpets around the house.

To encourage this beneficial habit, you can place a scratching post inside the cardboard. This will give your cat a dedicated space to scratch and have fun while preserving your other belongings. Remember to reward your cat with treats or petting when using the scratching post to reinforce this positive behavior.

green sisal cat tree

Check out this beautiful green sisal cat tree


Boxes are more than just packaging for our feline friends. They provide a safe haven, a stimulating playground, and a way for cats to mark their territory. In addition, the boxes provide them with a comfortable space to scratch, while preserving your furniture.

The next time you see your cat rushing for a box, understand that it's responding to their natural instincts and basic needs. By offering your cat appropriate alternatives for playing, hiding and scratching, you will provide him with an enriching environment adapted to his needs, while preserving your furniture.

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