Comment calculer l'√Ęge d un chat

How to calculate a cat's age

If you have adopted a cat and you do not know its age, or if YOU want merely know how long your furry friend has lived so far, it can be useful to know how to calculate the age of a cat. Contrary to popular belief, the age of cats cannot simply be multiplied by seven to determine their age in human years. There are, however, several ways estimate your cat's age.


Method 1: Determine the age of the cat based on its dentition

The first method is to determine the age Of the cat depending on their teeth. Cats have two sets of teeth during their lifetime: baby teeth and permanent teeth. THE kittens have milk teeth until they are three months old, at which time they begin to lose their baby teeth to make way for their permanent teeth. At the age of six months, all cats have their permanent teeth. By examining your cat's teeth, you can determine if he still has baby teeth or if he has all of his permanent teeth. If your cat has all of its permanent teeth, it is at least six months old.

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Method 2: Assess the cat's physical condition

Another method is to Assess your cat's physical condition. Older cats tend to show signs of aging, such as duller eyes, loss of muscle, and decreased flexibility. By examining your cat's physical condition, you can get an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčits approximate age.

Method 3: Use a cat age correspondence chart

A third method is to use a cat age chart. This table is based on the fact that the cats age faster early in life, then slow their aging as they age. The table assigns age values ‚Äč‚Äčin human years based on the age of the cat in cat years. For example, a two-year-old cat is considered to be the equivalent human age of a 24-year-old teenager. Age correspondence charts for cats are available online and can help you determine the approximate age of your cat.

It is important to remember that these methods are estimates only and that each cat lives differently.

Conclusion how to calculate the age of a cat

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