Comment aménager votre appartement pour votre chat - Guide étape par étape

How to set up your apartment for your cat - Step-by-step guide

Cats are popular pets for many people due to their unique personalities and ability to fend for themselves.
However, for apartment owners, it can be difficult to find ways to meet their cat's needs while maintaining a comfortable living environment for themselves. In this article, we will guide you step by step on how to furnish your apartment for your cat.


Create a play space for your cat

Cats love to play and explore their environment. To help keep them active and engaged, create a play space for your cat. This can include interactive toys, a cat tree or a tunnel. Make sure the space is safe and stimulating for your cat.


Modern vertical sisal cat tree: find out more

Provide comfortable resting areas for your cat

Cats like to sleep and rest, so provide them with comfortable resting areas. A cozy bed or soft cushion in a quiet area can be a great place for your cat to relax.

Hand-woven bamboo basket: find out more

Green tepee tent cat house

Provide places to hide

Cats need time to themselves, so be sure to provide places to hide. A paper box or bag can be a fun and safe place for your cat.

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Keep the litter box clean and accessible

The litter box should be clean and easily accessible for your cat. Make sure the litter box is placed in a quiet place that is easily accessible to your cat.

Semi-closed litter box: find out more
Bac à litière semi- fermé

Ultra-design closed litter box: find out moreBac à litière fermée ultra design

Protect your furniture and valuables

Cats can damage furniture and valuables by scratching and biting. To protect your belongings, you can place protective mats and provide appropriate toys for your cat.


Furnishing your apartment for your cat is easy and can help your cat feel happier and more comfortable. Follow these steps to create a safe and nurturing living environment for your cat. 

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