14 Astuces Pour Les Chats !

14 Tips For Cats!

Cats are popular and lovable pets, but how to make them even happier And fun to live ?

Here is 14 tips to make your life with your cat even more fun!

  1. Make a toy with a glass jar, ping pong balls and yarn.

  2. Use masking tape to protect your food from thieves on all fours.

  3. Transform an old sweatshirt into a warm pocket for your cat.
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  4. Make a fun box for your cat by drawing circles and pictures.

  5. Protect your plants pushing toothpicks around the plant to create a mini fence.

  6. Gives a flat shape to the bowl of your cat to prevent it from slipping and to make it more elegant.

  7. Transform an old coat into a warm and comfortable outfit for your cat.

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  8. Use a towel to make your cat's bath more comfortable.

  9. Take funny pictures with your cat by making her wear cute outfits.

  10. Use a cardboard scraper to protect your furniture from your cat's scratches.

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  11. Make a fun hideout for your cat using cardboard and fabrics.

  12. Use a ball of yarn to create a simple and fun toy for your cat.

  13. Use a laser to make your cat play and entertain it.

  14. Creates a game and hunting environment by installing cat toys around the house.

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By using these tricks, you can make life with your cat even more fun and enjoyable.

Your cat will be happy and so will you!

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