10 Choses qui blessent émotionnellement votre chat

10 Things that emotionally hurt your cat

The cats are often seen as independent and stoic animals, but in reality, they are sensitive and emotional creatures Who can be easily injured.

Here are 10 common things that can hurt your cat emotionally.

Summary :

  1. ignore their needs
  2. Not giving him enough attention
  3. loud noises
  4. Over-stimulation
  5. Conflicts with other animals
  6. Changes in the environment
  7. Visits to the vet
  8. The harsh punishments
  9. The prolonged loneliness
  10. Undiagnosed health problems

1. Ignoring her needs

Cats have physical and emotional needs, and it's important to take them into account. Ignoring your cat's needs, such as not feeding her on time or not cleaning her litter box regularly, can cause stress and anxiety.

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2. Not giving her enough attention

Cats love attention and affection from their owners. If you don't spend enough time with your cat or ignore it when it seeks your attention, it can cause emotional distress.


3. Loud noises

Cats have very keen hearing, and loud noises can scare and stress them. Traffic noises, firecrackers or lawn mowers can be particularly disturbing to cats.

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4. Overstimulation

Cats need time to rest and relax, and over-stimulation can be stressful. Children who play too loudly with cats, or owners who insist on petting despite their cat's desire to rest can cause emotional stress.


5. Conflicts with other animals

Cats can be very territorial and conflicts with other animals can be stressful. If your cat must share its territory with other animals, make sure it has a safe place to retreat and relax.

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6. Changes in the environment

Cats are animals used to their routine and changes in their environment can upset them. Moving, renovations or the arrival of a new family member can all cause emotional stress.


7. Vet visits

Visits to the vet can be scary for cats, and medical exams can be painful. Be sure to reassure your cat and offer comforting treats after the visit.

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8. Severe Punishments

Cats are smart animals, but they don't understand harsh punishments. Physical or verbal punishment can cause fear and anxiety in your cat.


9. Prolonged loneliness

Cats need companionship and stimulation, and prolonged loneliness can be very stressful. If you must leave your cat alone for long periods of time, be sure to provide enough food, water, and toys to keep her occupied.

10. Undiagnosed health issues

Cats can be very good at hiding their pain or discomfort. If you notice any change in your cat's behavior, such as loss of appetite or unusual lethargy, it is important to consult a veterinarian to make sure


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